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Xcale-up is a joint venture between Ninecon and Verus Brasil based in Germany, that provides specialized services to SAP and Oracle partners in Europe.

We help SAP and Oracle partners to scale up in capacity to deliver complex projects

Xcale-up does not compete with EMEA service providers. It colaborates.

We avoid conflict of interests by providing services through SAP or Oracle partners

Respecting the customer’s culture, offering a very specialized offshore service with a multi skilled team

Our services are provided strictilly through SAP and Oracle partners.



Oracle and SAP partners can count on our specialized consultants to support them in the execution of their projects. We are based on Germany and can provide services to all EMEA countries.

Xcale-up has professionals based in different geographies, promoting diversity and improving the ability to deliver projects around the world. Processes and standards are key factors in ensuring project governance. Our team is made up of certified consultants using their experience to guarantee the high quality of the services.

We do not provide services directly to the end customers, but establish partnerships with SAP and Oracle partners, avoiding any kind of direct competition.

Our mission is to enable our partners to increase their capacity to deliver more and better projects.

Winner team ready to work with local SAP and Oracle Partners


More than 600 experimented consultants


+75% of our team is composed by Senior Consultants


+5000 projects delivered (SAP and Oracle Applications)


+25 Company Certifications


Offshore support for end users in more than 20 countries

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